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    This site is an attempt to unravel the relationships of the Lubbock, Boyd Orr, Tennant, Barton and King families and may contain references to individuals who would prefer not to be included and lack of references to those who would like to be included for which I apologise. However I may be contacted at andrew@lubbock.co.uk  to redress any particular situation. harwood shoot
  Welcome to Lubbock.co.uk the history of the lubbock family is contained within the following pages.The Family Tree commences with Robert Lobuk who died in 1493 and ceases around the turn of the last century ie. 1900. It is slow to load as it has detailed content which can be magnified or zoomed in pdf. format . A more up to date family Tree is a work in progress ! View the Lubbock Family Tree here
harwood teaTea and Scones at Harwood . The current generation of Lubbocks and Gooches enjoy the Harwood honey and scones with “The Great Aunt K “.  

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For ease of digestion the Lubbock ancestors and relations have been indexed and divided into a more palatable format and detailed information can be accessed by clicking on the family members below. The Barton family through Judy Orr , the Dugdale family ( Crathorne ) through Nancy Tennant and the Loder family ( Wakehurst ) through Peggy Tenant will be accounted for at a later date .
Family Members
The Lubbock family have lived at Harwod Estate which is located in an upland/hill farming area in the South of Scotland originally a sporting Estate for the Elliot family from Clifton Park near Kelso the pheasant shooting in the 1990′s produced some first class days[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]