David Miles was the grandson of Henry James Lubbock ( 1838-1910)
M, #49885, b. 7 February 1838, d. 25 January 1910
Henry James Lubbock|b. 7 Feb 1838\nd. 25 Jan 1910.Sir John William Lubbock, 3rd Bt.|b. 26 Mar 1803\nd. 21 Jun 1865|p2866.htm#i28652|Harriet Hotham|d. 12 Feb 1873|p2866.htm#i28653|Sir John W. Lubbock, 2nd Bt.|

Henry James Lubbock was born on 7 February 1838. He was the son of Sir John William Lubbock, 3rd Bt. and Harriet Hotham. He married Frances Mary Turton, daughter of Reverend Henry Turton, on 8 May 1866.1 He died on 25 January 1910 at age 71.
Henry James Lubbock held the office of High Sheriff of the County of London in 1894.1  He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.). He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.).1 He lived at Newberries Park, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.
Children of Henry James Lubbock and Frances Mary Turton

* Cecil Blanche Lubbock+ d. 8 Oct 1931
* Margaret Muriel Lubbock d. 25 Mar 19591
* Lieutenant Henry Lubbock b. 27 Jun 1868, d. 24 Dec 1957
* Major Geoffrey Lubbock+ b. 18 May 1873, d. 31 Dec 1932
* Evelyn Mary Lubbock b. 26 May 1879, d. 22 Aug 1949
* Captain Rupert Egerton Lubbock+ b. 7 May 1886, d. 8 May 1943


The union between Geoffrey Lubbock and Marguerite Tennant nee Miles had issue David Miles Lubbock born in 1911 died 1992 and Peter Geoffrey Lubbock born in Byfleet un Surrey , England on 10.01.1909 he lived at 37 Chapel street London SW1 and was Chairman and managing director of Peter Lubbock Travel Agency. He  died  on 24.03.1984.  .

In 1939 Lord Boyd Orr of Brechin (grandfather to Andrew) in the county of Angus in Scotland gave his daughter Minty in marriage to  DAVID MILES LUBBOCK  and the Lubbock family from England of whom Lord Avebury took his name from the village of Avebury. This happy union took place before the outbreak of war. David returned from Germany at the end of the war and went back to work at the Rowett Research Institute. The war had been largely spent in prisoner of war camps.
David Miles Lubbock was born in Byfleet, Surrey on March 5th. 1911 educated at Eton College and Cambrige where he rowed for Trinity college. he graduated in Modern Sciences and later worked with Gowland Hopkins.From Trinity Cambridge  as an Econmist he had joined the Rowett research institute under his father in law to be, at the outbreak of war he joined the RNVR and in
July 1941, on Churchill’s personal instigation , Albacores from the carriers Victorious and Furious were ordered to attack Nazi shipping in Kirkenes and Petsamo to help Britains new ally the Soviet Union.
The operation was to be carried out under the cover of foul weather but the sky cleared and the bombers and their escorts were easily spotted. Ironically Lubbock had advocated a low level attack from the outset but had been overuled, of the 30 Albacores, 11, all from Victorious were lost and 5 of the Fairey Fulmars were shot down.
The stricken plane had headed east towards Russia and the friendly port of Murmansk however it was not to be the plane crashed 500 yards into Russia and was not recovered till 40 years later.
David Lubbock’s capture and incarceration in Stalagluft 111 and his participation in the “Great Escape” in Germany  was responsible for creating a lasting friendship with Douglas Bader who became godfather to his eldest child Ann Pat. Bader and his wife Thelma became frequent guests at Farnell the Lubbock family farm and home, where golf and swimming on the beach at Montrose became  annual summer activities.

On conclusion of the war David with daughter Ann Pat and Minty followed his father in law to Washington DC, USA where as first Director General of FAO of the United Nations they devoted their life’s work to rid the world of Famine.A1953 3

David having graduated from Trinity College Cambridge before the war , with a degree in Nutrition and Economics was well placed to support the work of Boyd Orr firstly at the Rowett Research Institiute where the first steps had been taken to relate poverty and malnutrion with ” Food Health and Income”, and later with ” The White Man’s Dilemma “. David as the First Secretary to the Director General of FAO was responsible for the logistics and organisational planning for the Conference at Quebec in Canada in October 1945 and in Europe.

He later worked in Indonesia, Mexico and Zambia for FAO and UNDP with especial involvement, having retired to farming in Scotland , in the Freedom from Hunger Campaign and the United Nations Organsation.

However it was here in Wasington that David produced some of his finest works, notably three sons Geoffrey, Andrew and Kenneth. Minty Lubbock a talented portrait sculptress exhibiting in the Paris salon, the Scottish Society of portrait artists and London, Edinburgh Aberdeen and Dundee..