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Andrew Lubbock

Andrew Lubbock

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This site is an attempt to unravel the relationships of the Lubbock, Boyd Orr, Gooch, Tennant, Barton and King families and may contain references to individuals who would prefer not to be included and lack of references to those who would like to be included for which I apologise. However I may be contacted at andrew@lubbock.co.uk  to redress any particular situation.

The priviledge which one is blessed with to enter a family on day one that is not only gifted but to be reared in an environment free of disease starvation, crime,   abject squalor,  bigotry and ignorance has been a blessing that my brothers, sister and cousins have been made aware of from their earliest social consciousness. This was principally derived from my grandfather John Boyd Orr and his influence on family, friends and associates who played such a big part in all our lives. In many ways this apart from being a blessing was also a burden in that it set us apart from others who were unable to conceive that we had absolute belief in his moral authority that altruism works best for all. This was not a view held by the British Government of the day and possibly now.

John Nicholas Andrew Lubbock was born in Washington DC , USA.. He is the son of David Miles Lubbock  and Hon. Helen Anne Boyd-Orr.

He married Jane Louisa King, daughter of Colonel Charles King, who had a successful business career in Dowty Group and served with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

seeing service on the “D” day landings in Normandy and in Germany till the end of the war.

John Nicholas Andrew Lubbock known as Andrew,  crossed the Atlantic in 1953 in the Cunard liner Queen Mary to take up residence in the UK thereby establishing his dual Nationality.

He was educated at Farnell village school, Drumtochty Castle, Auchinblae and  at  Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England. The North of Scotland College of Agriculture, Aberdeen University, with further studies at Strathclyde University in Glasgow and Napier University in Edinburgh studying Agriculture , Business Management , Computer Assisted Design ,  IT and Web design.

Business interests include membership of TRICap the Tweed renaissance Investors Capital

He is a Nuffield Scholar and an A.R.Ag.S , Associate of the Royal Agricultural Society and a member of the Royal Company of Archers, The Queens Bodyguard for Scotland . He has acted as a General Commissioner for over 20 years.

His hobbies include sailing as a RSA qualified skipper , diving as ScotSAC grade 2 master diver, hunting as one time Fieldmaster  Jedforest Hunt.

He formed a farming Partnership with Baroness Elliot of Harwood DBE on the 4,500 acre Harwood estate which has traded for over 30 years.

Harwod Estate is located in an upland/hill farming area in the South of Scotland originally a sporting Estate for the Elliot family from Clifton Park near Kelso the pheasant shooting in the 1990’s produced some first class days . The picture above shows a pheasant soaring over the house and a gun standing on the front drive beside the fountain. The refurbishment in 1996 was designed with  12 ensuite bedrooms  to accommodate shooting parties which came from France, Spain, Egypt and the USA and occasionally England !